New Technologies That Enhance The Dental Implant Process

Dental Implant Procedure Chicago

Making the experience of the dental patient far more amenable and comfortable comes a whole host of new dental and associated technologies. One such technology being taken advantage of by a Dental Implant Procedure Chicago clinic or specialist is that of CT scans. As a layman or patient, you may have come across the term before. But particularly if you have not yet had to undergo a dental implant or other medical procedure that benefits from this technology, you may not be altogether familiar with what it entails.

So, let this short note bring you some brief information on what it entails and how it is appropriated by the dental clinic. In this practice, a full cranial cone beam CT (defined as computed tomography) technology provides the dental practitioner with a very accurate 3 D radiographic imaging capability in order to carry out his optimized diagnostic, planning and treatment work. The technology is very accurate and customized for the myriad of procedures that the modern dental clinic will be typically carrying out.

Such procedures will always include orthodontics, implantology, the TMJ analysis, airway assessments, and oral and orthognathic surgeries, when required. The dental practitioner now has close observation of undistorted and anatomically correct views of jaws, teeth and facial bones. He also has closer proximity to cross sectional, axial, coronal, cephalometric and panoramic views. That last analogy should be familiar to most and is to be appreciated when experienced. When you have a panoramic view of something, you have pretty much got a view of everything.

The production of 3 D images give a level of anatomical accuracy and treatment not at all possible with previously used 2 D technologies. The use of cone beam CT technology is also encouraging innovational practice within the doctor’s rooms.