How Meditation Makes You Healthier

Meditation is the practice of silence, deep breathing, relaxation, and internal reflection. Although the mass media commonly portrays meditation as sitting cross-legged and saying ‘um’, it can be done anywhere, in any position. Many people find that meditation is easier when laying in bed, although you’ll want to forgo any pillows, so your spine stays straight.

Meditation and reflection Grassville CA has many health benefits associated with it’s practice. The health benefits come as a by-product of the deep breathing exercises used, as well as the ability to ‘be still’ for a few moments.

Just a few of the ways meditation makes you healthier includes:

·    Improves circulation, heart health, and lung capacity through deep breathing techniques

·    Decreases stress levels, which aids in boosting mental health

·    Improves concentration by allowing you to practice focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all else

·    Can stop or ease panic attacks by slowing your heart rate

·    Meditation requires you to sit or lay so your spine is straight, which can improve your posture and allow more blood to flow upwards, towards your brain

·    Teaches you how to relax mindfully, which can help you to sleep

·    Improves people’s abilities to do well on tests, public speaking, performing arts, etc.

Meditation and reflection Grassville CA

·    Helps people to pay better attention to their surroundings by zeroing in on focus, which can help keep them safer

These are just a few benefits. Often, people like to combine meditation with yoga. Yoga is a type of exercise that stretches the body and tones muscles. The two are often combined since yoga uses the same breathing techniques as meditation.

When combined with yoga, people also reap the benefits of a leaner, stronger body that has a wider range of flexibility. If you lack basic mobility, there are even yoga poses designed specifically for the elderly or disabled.