Does Job Juggling Work?

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If you are someone that has been trying to do a lot of things related to jobs and having multiple ones without any backup plan, then you may be trying to figure out if this is a way that you could enjoy your life. There are a couple of problems that come with it, though – let’s take a look and see what can come up.

Health issues. Health care is expensive; many people who job juggle have no sort of group health employee benefits Seattle or other sort of health compensation. Health issues are probably the number one thing that forces job jugglers, and even people with steady jobs, into financial problems, and that’s one thing that you need to keep in mind with this.

Economy swings. When the economy goes sour, so does the job hunt. Even if you’re someone who has at least one part time job consistently, it’s going to be harder to find those random jobs that helped pay the bills. Also, your bank account and other investments are probably struggling a bit too.

Retirement? What Retirement? Many job jugglers lack any sort of significant retirement fund, especially since statistics show that many people wouldn’t even invest in any retirement fund if their jobs had not offered it to them. It can really be a big deal and, even if you aren’t juggling jobs right now, you may want to take some time and put together a retirement plan that makes sense for you.

Company layoffs and company bankruptcy. Last but not least, this is what gets almost everyone in trouble, but especially job jugglers. They’re most likely to be the part time workers at different companiesÂ… which usually results in their positions being the first ones to be eliminated during budget cuts.