Symptoms You May Feel If You Have Low T

To say that you have low t is putting a casual slang twist on the condition. It should, as always, be taken quite seriously. There are both mild and extreme variations of low testosterone levels. Pin-pointing as to whether you may be suffering from such a condition can be quite complex, because there are numerous causes for it and the symptoms are as numerous as well. After consultation with your general practitioner about the best way to determine what the cause of your low testosterone levels is is to be checked in with a low t clinic.

For the time being, here is a rough summary of symptoms that may leave clues to low levels of testosterone in your body. One of the most traumatic symptoms of this condition is that of low libido and consequent erectile dysfunction. The matter of erectile dysfunction does, however, lead to another symptom (and cause) which is alarmingly occurring among more men than ever before today. That is high levels of obesity.

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Linked to low levels of libido are high levels of stress and anxiety. That serious condition in itself could lead to testosterone levels dropping alarmingly. Feelings of heavy-handed tiredness are also quite common. Premature ageing will reflect a drop in testosterone levels, a condition that is still considered to be quite natural among men who are able to age gracefully (and healthily) as they say. At that senior age it is quite natural to be losing a considerable amount of muscular strength.

But losing this ability to function as a man at a much younger age should always ring alarm bells. The good news, however, is that no matter what your age or shape you are in, your low t levels can be addressed.